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Five Things you should NEVER DO IN CYPRUS

•Don't take "free advise"from that "nice guy "you met in Cyprus or even friends who,"think"they know everything !! They may mean well but in fact they know nothing about the COMLEXITIES of Real Estate.

•Don't try to buy your property through unqualified ILLEGAL unlicensed PIRATES who pretend to be agents and dare to have adverts in the press or event in the INTERNET and ACCOUNT TO NOBODY for their "irresponsible advice".

•Don't work with an Estate Agent unless you SEE his current professional LICENSE.

•Don't GO direct and ON YOUR OWN to view properties for sale without PROFESSIONAL representation from your Independent Licensed Estate Agent.

•Don't even THINK to pay a deposit to buy your home in Cyprus without the EXPERT INDEPENDENT advice and SECURITY of your REPUTABLE and QUALIFIED licensed Real Estate Agent.

What..if you don't take our ADVICE?

•You will be TAKING CHANCES with your money and your investment

•Usually you will end up paying for your property a HIGHER PRICE than the market value.

•You will also run the RISK of buying a property with HIDDEN PROBLEMS because you have bought from non-reputable and non-reliable people who offer for sale not good quality homes.

•You will have NO SECURRITY for your investment from the Real Estate Agent’s Insurance COMPENSATION cover up to the amount of US $ 100,000 for your property transaction.

•You will have no responsible Real Estate Agent to advise you and to help you from the BEGINNING to the END of your property hunting so you can make not only the RIGHT CHOICE but also the SAFE CHOICE at the BEST possible PRICE...and if you wish even to prepare your Sale Contract and do the conveyan

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